What are the style characteristics of Zhongshan Engineering Lights?
Many non-standard engineering lamps are made of classical furniture, or a combination of classical and modern furniture. Therefore, in order to match these classical furniture, the ground and the wall sometimes meet the color of the furniture. If you want the effect of non-standard engineering lights, and you don’t want the color of the home to be so dark, then the ground and the walls will be lightly colored, and the white walls will be matched with beige tiles, which will not affect the feeling of the new Chinese. The non-standard hotel lighting style house will use antique tiles or marble on the floor. The color of these tiles will not be too eye-catching, and the texture is also suitable for Chinese atmosphere. For the non-standard engineering light style, the dark color is not necessarily the only choice. It can also choose the white-based cushion. The sofa chooses the white fabric cushion. At this time, the white brick can be selected to match the white wall and the wall. Can hang a picture. Non-standard engineering lights are sometimes not just a style, it is also a feeling, as long as we are in accordance with certain rules, we will be able to plan a very thoughtful home decoration!

First, the non-standard engineering lamp style characteristics: civilization

Any kind of style deduction has its specific civilized setting as a support to convey the days of people in a particular civilized atmosphere. Non-standard engineering lights use Chinese traditional classical civilization as a set to build lamps that belong to the Chinese people’s own style, because the times are always in the process of transformation, but the previous history cannot be forgotten, the love for traditional civilization will not be easily changed, thus forming a non-standard Engineering light style. This minimalist style has permeated the civilization of the Eastern China for thousands of years. It has not only expired, but it has become more and more fascinating.

Second, non-standard engineering light lamps Features: deployment

Non-standard engineering lights have a charm, but the conditions of use need to match the style of furniture decoration, but also the appropriate space. Non-standard engineering lights are mainly equipped with modern non-standard engineering lights, such as high stools, doors and windows, new Chinese chairs, etc., and extend a number of different products to build their own style.

Non-standard engineering lights are the new favorite of many people who are looking for the quality of the day. The non-standard engineering light fixtures are very decorative and have a sense of civilization. Therefore, in the process of decoration planning, they naturally have their own characteristics. The color of non-standard engineering lights itself. It is dark, because it is also a kind of retro decoration style, just like some retro American style rooms, it is also a dark color, because the style with the pre-historic smell will not be too vivid. In the color matching of the ground and the wall, the non-standard engineering lights are mainly dark, with black, white and gray as the main tone, so the color matching of the ground and the wall is also based on these colors.


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