Different engineering lights have different lighting effects
In the modern hotel design, each star hotel has its own common building structure. This will undoubtedly complicate hotel lighting for hotel lighting design, but at the same time it can cooperate with the high-end fashion of the common building structure. How to choose such a situation? How to choose hotel lighting? According to the different size and style of the hotel, different hotel lightings are set up, the decoration effect and the lighting environment of the building are not the same.

Zhongshan engineering lighting customization is usually divided into several categories according to the application environment: one is the hall decoration lamp used in large indoor public spaces such as hotel lobby or banquet hall; the other is the modeling lamp used in small conference room or dining room; the third is in the hotel room. The room lights used; the fourth is the lighting used in some public passages or corridors; the fifth is the spotlights and guardrails used to illuminate the outline of the building.
For hotels, the selection of hotel lamps is different from the needs and lighting of other applications. From the characteristics and needs of the hotel, there are several main considerations. This is the key we need to pay attention to when designing the hotel’s lights: under the same color temperature conditions, we must weigh the luminous flux and the average lifespan. Whether it is energy-saving, whether it is easy to maintain and the choice between light and color. In addition, special attention should be paid to the relationship between color temperature and illuminance. Generally, the color temperature illuminance should be proportionally matched, that is, high illumination and high color temperature, and vice versa.

Durability The average star hotel, for a small innovative repair in about five years, made a major innovative repair in about ten years. In other words, the life of the luminaire should be less than ten years or more in order to satisfy the requirements of the star hotel. Since the general small repairs do not replace the luminaires, the human resources involved are too large. This means that in the selection of the luminaire, the heat and pressure of the luminaire, including the reflector cup, the heat sink and the fixing (positioning) components, the quality is very important.

The light source used in general star hotels has a life of about 2,000 to 4,000 hours. Therefore, the lamp will be required to replace the light source for many times in 10 years. The number of star-rated hotel lamps is over 10,000, so replacing the light source is also involving a huge amount of human resources, so the flexibility of the lamp is another consideration. The ambition of the luminaire is to load and unload the light source without the need to touch the fixture’s fixed (positioning) component. In addition to saving replacement time, it also provides a very positive maintenance for interior decoration.


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